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New Release - Jah Love / Holy Mount Zion (feat. Lasai)

The 2-track EP features "Jah Love" and "Holy Mount Zion" which is a unique collaboration between Lasai's powerful and unique singing style and the production expertise of 4'20' Sound. The blend of rootical singing style mixed with rub-a-dub raggamuffin style, paired with conscious lyrics and messages of love and unity make this EP a standout release. The instrumental of the tracks are inspired by the songs "Jah Light" by Love Joys and "Holy Mount Zion" by Freddie McGregor. 4'20' Sound has produced the tracks and added their unique touch to the songs, giving them a modern and distinctive sound. The collaboration between Lasai's powerful vocals and conscious lyrics and 4'20' Sound's production

work in the EP elevates the songs, making it a must-listen for fans of the genre.

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