Dedication, inspiration and collaboration are the terms that best describe The 4’20’ Sound. The ‘outernational’ collective consists of core members from Israel and France plus a team of enthusiasts who base themselves in Byron Bay, Australia through a mutual love for the area. Through all the challenges of migration policies they have left their mark on Australia and the global Reggae scene by developing one of the biggest sound system movements in the Southern hemisphere.


It is worth catching up The 4’20’ story so far because it is as unique as it is inspiring for any music lover or appreciator of culture.


The 4’20’ Sound’s genuine passion and earnest approach to music was inspired by the traditional sound system culture of Jamaica and over the past decade this passion has generated substantial interest and growth to the cultural movement of Reggae in Byron. Amongst the work they have put in we can look at how they united people through over 200 events that have seen over 100,000 smiling faces enjoying themselves in Byron. No mean feat when you consider the lack of any other substantial Reggae events in the area.


Back in 2012, founding member Oren Selecta was travelling through Australia and took advantage of an opportunity throw a party. “I started by having a small DJ setup at the back of my van with a couple of small speakers, a laptop and a microphone. Through word of mouth people in Byron knew that there’s a dance happening in the Art Factory car park every week. I’d done it 10 times before the local authorities came to shut me down but luckily enough the local venues already started to book me to play some music in a licensed music environment. It felt like a dream come true and by the end of the year I decided to take it to the next level and enrolled into SAE Institute in Byron for a Bachelor Of Audio Production course,” Oren Selecta.

Soon Oren joined forces with French travelers Julien ‘Dougy’ and MC Baptiste and established a weekly Monday session at The Junction at the heart of Byron Bay. From here they developed an act together called ‘Boom Faya’ which evolved and became 4’20’ Sound, Oren’s first independent musical project which consisted of event organization, playing and producing music.


Summer 2015 was a milestone in the success story of The 4’20’ Sound as the operation migrated to Byron Bay Brewery - one of the most iconic music venues in Byron. Due to the increased scale of the events they could now accommodate international artists of the highest calibre. So during that summer the crew hosted a wealth of talent including Mungos HiFi & Charlie P, Deadly Hunta, Johnny Osbourne & Max Glazer (Federation Sound). From here they went to the biggest music venue in Byron, The Beach Hotel. 4’20’ Sound was now established and continues confidently as such to this day.


From the seasoned Reggae fans to the newly inducted; from the local artists to the international artists; from the Australian tour management to the local venues and community of Byron, a vast array of people have benefitted from the work of The 4’20’ Sound. From Byron to the far reaches of Australia, the crew have been collaborating with major Australian music festivals from Island Vibe Festival to Rainbow Serpent Festival, which assists the further work of the artists who perform with them by adding an option of festival tours to their services.


The artists that perform with The 4’20’ Sound would commonly collaborate on music productions whilst in town; recording and then releasing the music onto the global market. 4’20’ Sound’s musical output has received worldwide support by DJs and radio, especially since their productions featured on Mungos HiFi’s renowned Scotch Bonnet Recordings via Parly B’s Lyric Spree LP. Heavyweight, genre-spanning party anthems are the name of their game and on their own independent label have released four singles; Deadly Hunta & Gappy Ranks - Banton Bandits Riddim, Jinx In Dub - Trust Dem, SK Simeon - Ten Outta Ten and Parly B - It Saucy which was played by Sir David Rodigan on BBC1Xtra in the UK.

The 4’20’ Sound’s live show has been developed and refined over the years into what is a

multi-cultural team performance uniting three continents; Oren Selecta of Israel is DJ then we have Katia Demeester from Australia and SK Simeon from Uganda who are both on vocals This is a wonderful thing to see all three on stage performing together at each 4’20’ session.

“Comin to Byron Bay with Sister Nancy and Legal Shot was a magical experience during our Australian Tour. Due to the location of the venue (50m from the beach) and the professionalism of the organizers, this is an experience not to forget that makes the biggest reggae event on a Monday night in Australia,” – Mathieu Richards ‘Legal Shot’

“Everything is done at a professional level including promotion, soundsystem, lighting and artist itinerary, providing a great musical hub and an intimate session so fans can see Artists and DJ's from all across the world,” – Paul Brown ‘Parly B’

“Not often do you see a few hundred people on a Monday Reggae session, especially on a weekly basis. I was really impressed. Byron Bay and 420 Sound - you really rock,” – Marek Bogdanski ‘Dreadsquad’

“4'20’ Sound is showing the way with Reggae, Dancehall and Bass music parties in the Southern hemisphere these days. With full crew and vibes their weekly dances in Byron Bay are the most fun you can have on a Monday,” – Douglas Paine ‘Mungo’s Hi Fi’

“When I arrived to Byron Bay during my Australian tour in 2017 I came across a professionally organised event with a fully dedicated audience. 4’20’ Sound promotes Reggae music and it's sub genres like no one else in Australia. I was surprised to see a venue full of people having so much fun on a Monday night! Definitely want to come back to a Monday session again,” – Mateusz Miller ‘Radikal Guru’

“The 4’20’ Sound really know how to throw a party and understand that the sound system is the most important. They also know the music and make great producers and performers - I witnessed it myself!” – Benjamin Page ‘Benny Page’

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The 4'20' Sound
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