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"The 4'20' Sound is a musical project that delivers a journey-like DJ performance that is rooted in Reggae, dancehall, bass music, Afro beat, and drum and bass, but also explores additional genres such as techno and house. The project features a customised sound system that is tuned to the music being played, ensuring an authentic and immersive experience. With Oren Selecta's years of experience as a producer and DJ, running events around Byron Bay for the past 10 years and playing in festivals and events around the world such as Europe, UK, and New Zealand, he is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sound and creating music that is both thought-provoking and danceable. Oren Selecta's sets feature a lot of original productions as well as special dubs featuring big reggae and dancehall vocal artists, creating a unique listening experience for the audience."

The 4'20' Sound 1
The 4'20' Sound (SunSka3)
The 4'20' Sound
Empress Katia
Parly B
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