• The 4'20' Sound

Boxing Day Reggae Clash 2016

4’20 Sound & The Beach Hotel Present :

For Boxing Day there’s nothing better than a real MUSICAL WAR !

For the first time ever in Byron Bay after the last one in 2009,


With the local resident :

4’20 Sound

VS .

Little Lion Sound

from Geneva Switzerland

Come to witness a one night experience, with exclusive tracks playing by both sounds to get the Byron Bay Reggae Clash Trophee !!!

A sound clash is a musical competition where crew members from opposing sound system put their skills against each other. It’s a musical WAR to elect the CHAMPION of the night !

The public vote to elect the champion !!! You will be the judge for this unique musical event !

The rule for the night will be 4 rounds divided like this :

1st Round : Introduction Round - 15min each - NO POINT

2nd Round : 10min each - 1 Point

3rd Round : 10min each - 1 point

4th Round : 10min each - 1 point

The Winner is the first sound to get 2 points in the ROUNDS !!!

If there’s a DRAW in a round both crew will play 3 tracks to elect the champion of the night !

Come defend your favorite SOUND !!!


It’s the 26th of December at the Beach Hotel Byron Bay !!!

Let’s make history to finish 2016 properly !!!

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