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It Saucy feat. Parly B - AVAILABLE NOW!

The first 4'20' Sound release is now available on digital format and 12'' vinyl

Since 3 years that The 4’20’ Sound have been ramming dancehalls in Byron Bay Australia, holding up the biggest reggae sessions on the mainland and linking up with the international reggae community, their dances considered by many as the reggae & dancehall mecca of Australia. Now in July 2016 the crew is proud to release their first LP It Saucy in collaboration with the legendary riddim rider Parly B from the UK. The release consists on 2 tracks: It Saucy & Mad followed by the instrumental versions: Saucy Dub & Mad Dub. The music style is driven from old school ragga jungle on It Saucy while Mad is digital dancehall orientated. The release of It Saucy is the result of an experiment with bass music production by The 4’20’ Sound producer Oren Selecta and the versatile deejay skills of Parly B. The release is now available on the digital format online and limited amount of vinyl records which is now available in Australia and UK Track List: 1. It Saucy 2. Mad 3. Saucy Dub 4. Mad Dub

12'' Vinyl:


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